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Our Administrative Team

Our Infant, Tot, and Toddler Program boasts highly skilled caregivers, adept in nurturing children from birth to two years old. Many possess a Child Development Associate (CDA) credential or an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education, alongside personal parenting experience and medical field knowledge.

In our Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classes, we have certified school teachers, many holding AA, BA, or MA degrees in Education, or bringing extensive hands-on experience. Their daily focus centers on enhancing student talents through a harmonious blend of academics, peer socialization, imaginative play, and self-confidence building. Teachers maintain detailed anecdotal records to track each student's progress, tailoring lessons to meet individual needs.

We host numerous events throughout the year to foster open communication between families and their child's teacher or caregiver. Winter parent-teacher conferences provide a formal mid-year opportunity to discuss each child's development in depth. Progress reports, issued biannually, highlight each student's strengths. Additionally, parents are welcome to arrange meetings with their child's teacher at any point during the year, upon request.

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