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Our Programs

Infant Center

Children ages 6 weeks - 18 months have their own facility with two classrooms, Tiny Tiggers and Tigger's Tots. Our children experience developmentally appropriate fine and gross motor skills activities, singing, stories, puppet fun, and much more.


Toddlers & Nursery

Our toddler and nursery classrooms offer an outstanding balance of free choice and structured activities that provide children with a consistent environment where they play, learn, and thrive. These activities include circle time, fine/gross motor activities, story time, sensory activities, music, creative arts and crafts, and more!


The preschool classes offer an outstanding play-based curriculum for children ages 2.5 - 4 years old. The children have a busy day with developmentally appropriate activities which include circle time, whole group & small group instruction, centers, and outside play.



Our pre-kindergarten program offers a play-based themed curriculum for children ages 4 - 5. The daily classroom schedule includes free choice centers, circle time, math, science, literacy, social studies, computer time, and a variety of other engaging activities.


Our full-day kindergarten program is led by a certified elementary school teacher providing a full academic curriculum. The small class size allows ample one-on-one instruction in conjunction with the dynamic whole groups and small-group activities. Hands-on experiments and educational experiences make learning fun and set the tone for a lifetime love of knowledge.

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