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A Few Words from Our Parents

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If there were a 6th star, I'd give it! I'm a teacher, so my expectations for an early childhood center were high. The director, Miss Jennifer, is incredibly kind and intelligent; she truly understands the pedagogy behind child development and supports the entire faculty and staff in implementing best practices for each age group. The teachers are very communicative with parents, open to feedback, and a collaborative team. HWG is the gold standard in child development: my son had a speech delay due to being a COVID baby and needing tubes in his ears. Within six weeks of being in Miss Deborah's class, he spoke with greater fluency, broader vocabulary, and his receptive language had increased by leaps and bounds. He follows directions and now understands what it means to say "clean up" or "let's get our shoes on." The incredibly warm and nurturing environment is so heart-warming. I'm seeing extended members of our family when I to go pick up my son. And we have only been there since August! You can look no further for a second home for your little person.

Nicole P.

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